Staged rehearsal 6th September 2020


by James Saunders

06. September 2020 we had a staged rehearals for a select and corona wary audience. We met a few mornings and a few evenings and explored the text. The work was very well received by the audience Norwegians and foreigners alike.

"It was very well presented, and very much appreciated by a non-norwegian speaking Oslo dweller" - Suze

"An intimate performance with strong links to own life" - Åsa

"Echoes forwards and backwards made it a complex and evocative" - Tormod


Short Teaser

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By James Saunders


We follow the couple

when they meet,

when they flirt,

when they fight,

when they despair,

when they want whats best for each other

even though that means

that they must let go

What does it really mean to love someone?

“After Liverpool” is a love story. Its a story of communication and miscommunication. Its a story of love, connection and disconnection.

Episodes from a couples life together are portrayed in a playful, musical and evocative manner by James Saunders, a playwright who is described as one of Britain's top absurd playwrights.

For this performace we have two couples: the younger and the older. This allows the audience to explore the relationship over time. Past, present and future flow into each other, and we see good times and bad times and the relationship between them.




Couple: Anders Sanzén og Vera Holte

Couple: Tobias Aksdal og Martine Ugland

Director and Producer: Nicole S. C. Ingemann

Thanks to Marte Blystad, Cosmopolite Scene, Kulturrådet



With a heavy heart we have decided to postpone the project til 2022 due to the current situation.

The rights are secured, and the venues Trykkeriet Scene and Teater Manu will host us, and the ensemble are ready to go when the time is right.


Please get in touch

Torshovloftet, Vogts gate 64b, 0477 Oslo